Rosemary Sage Pure Beeswax Melts
Rosemary Sage Pure Beeswax Melts
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Rosemary Sage Pure Beeswax Melts

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Scent Notes:


Top - Pine, Eucalyptus

Middle - Rosemary, Green Floral

Bottom - Sage, Cedar


All of our wax melts are hand poured using 100% pure beeswax, organic unrefined coconut oil, and phthalate free fragrance oils that are infused with natural essential oils. We chose to use beeswax because it is the most natural and non toxic wax. Beeswax produces negative ions when burned, which help neutralize pollutants in the air and just improve air quality in general. We never use any dyes in our wax melts! Our beeswax is 100% pure from USA bees. 


Item is for one 6 cube container approximately 3 ounces


Our containers are made with PET plastic and contain No PVC, BPA, or chemical phthalates. They are non toxic & recyclable


Wax Melt Safety:


-Remove cubes from packaging and place in a wax warmer

-Never leave wax warmer unattended

-Keep away from children and pets

-Do not add water

-Do not melt on stove top or other non approved appliance

-Always melt in areas away from flammable objects

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Customer Reviews

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3Fatesfiber Ziemann
Thank you for using recyclable packaging!...

Thank you for using recyclable packaging! This scent is marvelous.

Breanna Tremblay
What can I even say at this point? I've ha...

What can I even say at this point? I've had about every scent (currently still find the vanilla our favorite) but every scent is as described. Currently have the crème brûlée in the living room/kitchen and sage rosemary in the bedroom ❤️


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